ZKR Integration and Reporting

  • Linux Operation System
  • Fully Redundant Architecture
  • Trouble Shooting and Notification of the all modules connected to the system
  • Voice Record Module (for Comfort system)
  • Integration with Wifi Mobile Phones and Messaging
  • Integration with Dect Telephones
  • Integration with Pagers
  • Integration with Central Telephone System and starting Emergency Codes (such as 1111, 2222, 3333)
  • IP , PRI , BRI , Analog Connection
  • Integration with Fire Alarm Systems (Modbus, Bacnet, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with CCTV Systems (Serial Port, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with RFID Systems (Web servis, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with Hospital Information Management System (Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture based, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with Lighting Automation (Modbus, KNX, Analog I/O, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with Emergency and Announcement System (automatic announcement, announcement of emergency cases)

ZKR Nurse Call Integration Systems

Integration with Lights

It allows controlling all access doors, windows, elevators etc. and send a message to the corresponding department.

Integration with access control

It allows control of lights via KNX or via BMS. (Building Management System


Integration with HIMS (Hospital Information Management System)

It allows to see all the information relative to the patient and to store files.


Integration with Fire detection

It allows to receive the exact point of the fire alarm in the panel of the nurse call system.


Location of babies and integration.

Allows a baby to be monitored in the nurse call panel

Integration with Public Address

Allows you to make a SIP-based ad from the nurse station

Integration to Pbx

It allows to make an emergency call from extensions by dialing the determined number.