ZKR Versatile Nurse Call Systems

The technology driving nurse call systems has evolved into a world of digital and networked IP-based systems that have helped to improve patient care in hospitals. Nurse call systems are becoming more intuitive and easy to use, with specialized options designed to handle patient requests.
Nurse call systems continue to expand their capabilities beyond life safety provisions. Targeting improvement in patient satisfaction, staff communications and operational efficiencies, features that used to be considered optional are now standard.

ZKR Systems also interact with hospital information systems (HIS) by using intelligent devices in the patient rooms. These applications give hospital employees the ability to call other staff members; place a staff emergency, normal or Code Blue call and locate patient information.
The IP infrastructure of ZKR versatile and comfort systems allow hospitals to use off-the-shelf structured cabling, which reduces installation time, enables faster troubleshooting and sometimes aallow facility personnel to perform their own maintenance.

Comfortable and modern nurse station software with a logically-organized interface is applicable to install on any particular windows or Unix based computer to display room and bed patients. The system builds priorities depending on the call type and displays them accordingly on the monitor. All calls, emergency calls, toilet-bathroom and visits of nurses can be tracked on the panel.

  • Adress based floor graph and customizable interface
  • Instant user notification
  • Calls for absent staff orientation to another panel
  • Text message module
  • Custom warning sounds
  • Log history for recived calls

This unit ensures communication between Nurse Console and Call buttons in the patient rooms. Room control unit is appropriate for both flush and shallow montage. They have 4.3’’ touchscreen, and standard feature allows it to assist 6 beds and 1 WC call unit. Due to appropriate hardware, unit can define up to 99 addresses. Modern and durable structure and software ensures the best operating time. When a bed button is touched on the screen, patient information with in the HBYS software can be seen on the unit screen.

Patient hand unit allows the patient inform the staff immediately.

  • Easy to use.
  • Unit works though connection to head set unit.
  • Easy to notice with leds on the unit.
  • Leds also show the last made call so the patient’s condition can be seen on the hand unit like the other warning unit.
  • Light buttons help to control room lighting and reading lamp.

Bed Set Unit is used in the patient rooms. In an emergency, a patient uses the call button to make an emergency call which appears as a signal on the nurse console.  There are call and cancel buttons on the unit which are backlit and modern. Console is mounted on the patient headboard. Bed Set unit is connected to the headboard unit via RJ45 socket.

  • This product is also a tool unit for the hand set unit to be connected.
  • Can be flush mounted. Ergonomic.
  • RJ45 socket provides easy installation.
  • High quality ABS raw materials.
  • Call and Reset buttons are lighted with leds so they are easy to notice.

Wc Call Unit is used in the bathrooms of patient rooms. In an emergency, patient pulls the rope making an emergency call. Appears as a WC Emergency call on nurse console.  System gives priority to WC Emergency calls and appears before other calls. There is a call reset button and emergency call rope on the unit. It’s backlit and modern.

Overdoor Corridor Lamp is located above room door in the corridor. Half-sphere shape makes it easy to notice.  So if there is an emergency in the room it can be noticed easily. It warns with three different colors. Red, green and blue. The color depends on the call. Flush mounted above doors. If unsuitable can be mounted with surface mounted box.

  • Maintenance-technical support free plug and play architecture.
  • 3 different main colors (blue, green, red)
  • Ability to achieve different warning colors by mixing primary colors,
  • Very low energy consumption and environment  friendly thanks to its LED design.

Lamp control module is the module that must be added to system when there is a lamp check. 1 module is enough for 4 bed patient room. With the lamp and reading lamp buttons on the patient handset; lightning elements can be controlled.

It’s a new brand handset, it contains;

  • Nurse call button
  • Room light control buttons
  • IR TV Control

This system is integrated with hospital PBX, nurse call panels, room control units and pager alarm system. It allows controlled access to patients’ information from nurse call room control by providing hospital management system or by integration with the used system and database. All nurse call panel send the notifications to this system for storing all events and provide a customized report as needed. By integration with hospital PBX, this system receives code blue call from any phone in hospital and announces it to pager system and nurse call system.

ZKR Versatile IP Sample Room


It has a 4.3 “touch screen, which ensures communication between the nurse panel and the call buttons in the patient’s rooms. It allows to connect eight beds and two WC call units. Ability to call other staff members; Make an emergency, Normal or blue code and locate patient information.


The ring is pulled to make an emergency.

The green button is used to reset the call.


The patient uses the Red button to make an emergency call to turn on the LED. A green button is used to reset the call.

The patient’s hand unit makes the emergency request sent easily, and can control the lights in the room and the reading lamp.

Over door lamp

With half sphere shape and with LEDs incorporation.

Mounts to the entrance of the room.

F. Remote control unit for lights control

You can control external lights through the ZKR Lights control module

ZKR Versatile IP Nurse Call System

Unit of room

This unit ensures communication between the nursing console and the call buttons in the patients’ rooms. The room control unit is suitable for both recessed and surface mounting. They have 4.3 “touch screen, and the standard feature allows the unit to attend a total of 9 elements. Due to the appropriate hardware, the unit can define up to 9 call units. The structure and software are modern and durable.

  When a bed button is touched on the screen, the patient information with the HBYS software can be seen on the unit’s screen.

Nurse Control Panel

Comfortable and modern nurse station with logically organized interface has a large 4 “touch screen that shows patients from the room and the bed. In case of emergency, the signal on the monitor icon will appear in the location and type of call. The system creates a priority depending on the type of call and shows them on the monitor. All calls, emergency calls, bathroom and visits by nurses can be traced on the panel and access is remote. The IP system has no limit in. 

The number of connecting beds. LAN-based technology for the connection between system units. All types of transactions that pass through the system are recorded. All the records obtained can be reported in detail.

Types of alerts

  • Beeper, Search (written message)
  • DECT telephone (written message)
  • DECT telephone (Voice message automatically)
  • IP Telephony
  • Public address message